User Guidelines

Last Updated: February 14th, 2024

User Conduct

Below are our policies on user conduct, and types of conduct that are prohibited, with their definitions.

Required Age to use Resonite

Users need to be 16 or older to make a Resonite account and to utilize the platform.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute between users of Resonite, the user is encouraged to de-escalate the dispute with the other user to the best of their ability. If this is not possible, we recommend that users contact the session host or session moderator to handle the dispute, either with communication or with the provided session moderation tools.

If you are the host or session moderator, we recommend getting familiar with the provided session moderation tools in your dash. You can find them in Session > Users. You are also encouraged to use these at your discretion to moderate your own sessions or sessions you moderate. The host has full discretion to grant anyone the moderator role.


Continually approaching a user with intent to annoy, upset, or disturb them. This includes utilizing Resonite to find and harass users on other platforms and social media.

Sexual Harassment

Behavior such as unwelcome sexual advances, non-consensual touching, and other forms of verbal or physical harassment of a manner that is sexual, flirtatious, or reveals inappropriate personal details.


Maliciously and falsely identifying yourself as someone other than yourself or having a position of power with intent to confuse, harass, intimidate, or defraud other users, except in clearly identifiable parody or satire.


Hate or discrimination towards users based on age, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, disability or other identifying traits.

This includes the usage of hateful symbols, language, or actions, and the organizing of or taking part in a group that advocates for any of the aforementioned hateful symbols, language, or actions.

Disclosure/Distribution of personal information

Distributing personal identifying information of another user without consent is prohibited within the services YDM Studios provides, including all services within or otherwise a part of Resonite.

Personal identifying information can include but is not limited to a real life name or photograph, other aliases, phone numbers, date of birth, and address.

Content Policy

User created content consists of any content uploaded, imported, exported, or streamed into or out of Resonite. Users are responsible for any of their user created content, and are assumed to have permission to use said content until YDMS is directed otherwise by the content’s copyright holder.

Adult Content

Adult content is content that should not be accessed by, shown to, or otherwise distributed to anyone under the age of 18. Content of this type is any content that is or contains: genitalia, sexually explicit avatars or objects, pornography, or sexually explicit activity.

Sexually explicit content and activity, including kink or fetish related activity is only permitted in sessions that fit the following listed criteria:

If your world is suddenly going to have adult content in it, be certain that everyone in the world is at least 18 years old, and ask if everyone is consenting to see such content before bringing the content into the world.

Obscene Content

Obscene content is any content that is intended to cause psychological trauma, shock, or disgust. Content that may cause these reactions is not welcome in public worlds. If the content is otherwise legal to be owned or viewed, then only bring out such content if everyone who would be exposed to it has given informed consent.


DMCA content takedown requests are granted following the proper DMCA takedown procedure. These requests may be sent through