Collaborative Creation Tools

Resonite provides users an array of development tools that can be used alongside others in your session! Create custom avatars, interactive props, worlds, experiences, and much more! (While possible, we typically advise against deleting all of existence.)

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Visual Scripting

ProtoFlux is the crown jewel of our creative tools - the most powerful visual programming language that our experienced team has designed to date, which lets you quickly prototype and build anything from simple interactions to complex games and systems - with full real-time collaboration support and immediate feedback. Build anything from avatar and world interactivity, to complex systems, and games.

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Content Sharing

Browse your own and others content! Save others (with proper permissions) and your own creations. Upload files directly from your local files into a session, view and modify it with others!

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Interactive Custom Avatars

Resonite allows you to share, build, and collect interactive custom avatars! (Legs included.)

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Pre-Made Avatars are Available on the Platform for use.
Visit one of many community made avatar worlds to find a ready made avatar for you to use.